allston pudding session/live album

hi ______,
got a bunch of things in the works right now.  (second album, a "zine", an american diamond recordings compilation) and a live-album from a session i did with the awesome peoples over at allston pudding in boston in march.  it was while i was on tour with the lawsuits, and they were my band for the session.  here is a peak with a song called, "Kill the Medicine Man":

the lawsuits and i venture south to nashville in May. stay tuned for dates.  

"STARTED A WAR" music video premiere on

Today premiered a new music video for a song called "Started a War" from an album called, "RONNY".  My good friend, art sister, camera master Caitlin McCann of Dog Days Films shot and edited it and we co-directed it alongside my main woman and co-star Paige Fletcher with our collective sick minds.  What's happening here is hopefully something very familiar if you've been in a relationship thing with another human.  It is intended for laughter and "oh my god that's like SO US" kind of reactions.  It is passive aggressive, i am not wearing pants and it's a day in the life of two lovers in an all too familiar ancient style quarrel.  I sincerely hope you find discomfort while viewing and enjoy!





"This balance seems to be the grounding force behind Ronny: by blending bizarre humor with a unique and light take on familiar tropes, Gallo actually manages to instill fantastical yet all-too-relatable images in listeners’ heads. Like the many great artists who presumably influenced this Kentucky-raised songwriter – Dylan, Young, Nelson, and many familiar others – Gallo accomplishes the enviable feat of being hilarious and completely earnest at the same time.

Despite all of his irreverence, Gallo does not write music that alienates listeners. Granted, this album won’t be for everybody: Ronny won’t change your mind if you don’t already like traditional American music, and these songs don’t kickstart parties the way Toy Soldiers might. But for the initiated who wait all year for folk festivals, Gallo’s artistic evolution is worth a tremendous amount of your attention."


The Loar Welcomes Me to the Family!

In a major attempt to eventually be reborn as skyscraper I am naturally drawn to little baby guitars.  Then one day, my friend Joe Fletcher introduced me to a little company out of San Francisco called The Loar.  Then all of the sudden, Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon kicked in and I started seeing this babes everywhere.  Beautiful small body acoustic guitars that sounded like boardsliding on a rainbow.  Just now they have welcomed me into their family and I couldn't be more excited!  Some good brothers I have over there too: Joe Fletcher, Joshua Black Wilkins, Justin Townes Earle, Shakey Graves and more!

"CHECK IT OUT!" - Steve Brule