"burst of literate electricity from insurgent poet and rock 'n' roll disruptor Ron Gallo" (Ann Powers, NPR)

"Relentlessly fuzzy, impossibly infectious and full of frustration with the word at large, somehow Gallo manages to remain entertaining despite his sharp observations of people’s routine hostility and ill acceptance of anything vaguely breaching the norm in their pathetic little misinformed bubble." (God is in the TV)

"He’s not only made a good rock record (which we need more than ever these days), he’s given us a glass of cold water in the face. Wake up and do something. Start with getting this album. Keep your mind open." (7th Level music)

"pitch-perfect balance of ferocious punk rock and deep thinking. "It seems young Gallo already knows the Trojan horse approach to rock ’n’ roll — get inside the city gates with thumping bass lines and red-hot licks, then eviscerate everyone with insightful lyricism" (D. Patrick Rogers, Nashville Scene)