RG New World Manifesto (effective: 11/9/16)

If whatever happened seemed impossible, know now that NOTHING is. Find every facet about what the current situation represents in you and heal that completely. It is fear, hatred, delusion, insanity. Make YOU none of those things. You are limitless, infinitely powerful being capable of true freedom from all suffering on earth but no one besides you can get you there. This is the beginning of true personal responsibility for yourself and your world. Honestly ask yourself how many times you felt powerless or that your voice didn’t matter and it resulted in non-action or waiting for someone else to do it - well, hey it’s all you’ve got now - your god, your leader, your country don’t exist anymore, all trails lead back to you, nothing to lean on besides yourself and the fellow purveyors of truth and love in the world. Live the ideals you think you have. Don’t just say it, or post it online, LIVE truth, love, compassion and light. Stop fucking around. Stand up. Be fearless. Be a freakshow. Be you. Have it all stem from goodness. What else is there to do? And remember, ALL humans are love at the core, many have forgotten in the party, so be a reminder. Keep an eye on your anger but do not act from that place, channel it into the only thing that can combat negativity - positivity. IT'S SCIENCE! The party is over - sober up and stay that way, cut the crap and start with yourself, take care of your soul, body, heart, mind (keep a close eye on that one) because you are gonna need those things to be in tip-top shape for whats to come. When you think you've done it, go further because you haven't done enough. It is an endless pursuit and it's great the entire time. Don't reward yourself with anything that you can't get from within. Protect each other, share. Let insanity exist and just shine a light on it until it awakens. This is the beginning of the new world and birth is ugly sometimes. I'm coming for you.

Ron GalloComment